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Fitbit Alta Bands,Greeninsync(TM) Fitbit Alta Accessory Replacement Bands Large Small Available in 18 Colors with Metal Clasp and Ultrathin Fastener

About The unique design of ultrathin secure fastener:

1. Made with food-grade PVC.
2. Ultrathin designed makes it more comfortable while wearing your fitbit band.
3. Compact designed makes sure the fastener ring protect your Fitbit tracker effectively. At the same, it also sacrifice a little bit of convenience, but it is worth.

  • Greeninsync(TM) Fitbit Alta Bands: Personalize your Fitbit Alta bracelet to match your daily with different color choices
  • Fitbit Alta Tracker Fall Off Solution: Ultrathin secure fastener and refined design of the shock-resistant construction protects your Fitbit Alta tracker from any shock and vibration
  • 18 Colors Available: Match your daily style with sharp, colorful and fashionable choice for Men, Women and Kids
  • Hypoallergenic: The Fitbit Alta replacement band is made of a flexible, durable premium material which is hypoallergenic and provides comfortable wearing experience
  • Package Includes: 3 Fitbit Alta replacement bands, 1 unique design fastener, 3 metal clasps for Fitbit Alta band and 3 general colorful band fasteners are in a gift box.

Disclaimer: Greeninsync Fitbit Alta replacement bands are in NO WAY connected/affiliated to the Fitbit Inc. or to their trademarks “Fitbit”, “Fitbit Alta”, “Fitbit Flex”. Greeninsync is an independent manufacturer/seller of quality replacement bands.


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